Eli Manning gets an $84 million contract extension

The two-time Super Bowl’s MVP had his wish come true. Eli Manning signed a four-year contract to stay with his beloved team, the New York Giants.  The contract, signed last year on September, 2015, is worth $84 million, including $65 million in guarantees. It has a no-trade clause which means that the quarter back is tied to the Giants for the following three seasons.

At the moment, Manning said in a statement, "I'm obviously excited knowing I'll be a Giant for a long time. This is where I got started and where I want to finish. I still have the same mentality. My goal is to earn this contract and do my best and keep trying to win championships for the Giants.”

The Giants themselves could not be happier to keep their shining star with the team for the four years that the contract was signed.

Eli Manning said that he could finally take that off his head and focus on the playing. "Once the talks got going and we were very close, I definitely wanted to try to get it done before the season, so I could just think about football," he went on. "It's good to have that over with, so I can work on playing football and winning football games."

Even though such a long extension of a contract is never a guarantee of good business, there were factors that led the Giants to close such a deal with Manning.  These include his amazing numbers, his two Super Bowl MVP’s, his passing records, and the fact that he has always been a starter for the Giants in 11 seasons. Without a doubt, he has been an important piece in the NY Giants´ structure.  He has led the team to two Super Bowls and has been, without doubt, a terrific leader for the team.


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