USA Wins Women’s National Soccer Championship

FIFA Women’s World Cup, 2015 was won by the U.S Women’s national soccer team. The team won the championship by defeating Japan and this was not first time that the team won. The US women’s soccer squad claimed the world cup for the third time. 

The final match was organized in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the national women soccer teams from USA and Japan played against each other. The final score of US team was 5-2 and they finally redeemed their loss to the Japan in the finals of 2011. 

The team returned to Los Angeles on Monday and thereafter a line of rollicking parties were organized for the team. The citizens were showing their support and appreciation to the team nationwide. With this victory, the squad is yet to receive appreciation through many other events. A rally will also be organized to celebrate the victory soon which is free for all to attend. 



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